About Maurice Symonette
Al Symonette ( Maurice Symonette's Father) was 1 of miami's first 5 black millionaires. He owned the Sir John hotel where in a club called the Night Beat was there, it was owned by Maurice's dad's uncle Bill Sawyer and their Jewish Partner. They created black broadway Al Symonette had the first black checker taxi cab service in America He was the black man who went to Chicago and stared the blackside of the cotton club and then went to New York and started a radio station called WDNI FM Radio with Motown and then opened the Apollo with Ralph Cooper Jr. and did a show called The Motown Review where in 100,000 people could not get in on that big first show at the Apollo. Maurices dad was a great Man his Grand dad was the first black prime minister of Nausau who's brother was Michael Symonette who inherited the Maps form our great great grand dad General Symonette who helped Toussant over throw the french in haiti, he was the first pirate called Black beard. At the Governer's Mansion in Nausau which is now a museum they will tell you that Black Beard was a black man who in vengence for the french killing toiussant the Haitian leader he decided to sink the french ships take their Gold and silver and then bury their treasure every where, where in Maurice's Great Uncle inherited the maps from black beard after inheriting those maps his great uncle financed Sir Roland symonettte to become the first Prime Minister. The father of Maurices dad Al Symonette this is what makes his families close ties to the haitians Maurice Symonettes Great Grand Father Sir Roland Symonette was the first Black Prime Minister in the Bahamas in the United Kingdom Country and was united by the Queen Elizabeth herself unlike Elton John who was just an Honorary Knight Symonette was a real Knight as a Commander and Cheif and protector in the United Kingdom army thereby making his son's prince's and his daughters princesses
which means Maurice Symonette is a prince whose Grandfather as Prime Minister is on the Bahamian Dollar's $50 Bill like his fathers Maurice Symonette continues this blessing today A.K.A Michael The Black Man Maurice Symonette is President of B.O.S.S Group Ministries B.O.S.S which stands for brothers of Superior Status. Boss Group Ministries is a non-profit Organization that throws Free Jet ski Parties Every Sunday inviting everyone to bring their families and friends, young and old of all races latin black and white to come and have a ball Maurice owns 387 houses within Boss Group Ministries and Boss is worth 797 million dollars and owns 27 jet ski's and 11 yachts. Maurice Symonette has many famous friends and associates such as Barett LaRoda (Stevie Wonders Manager), Philip Michael Thomas (Of Miami Vice) K-Kutta, Victoria Jackson ( Saturday Night Live) Tito Puente Jr., J-Quan, Betty Wright, Cicily Tyson, Menudo,Dionne WarWick, George Wallace... and much more! within Boss Michael The Black Man created and had The Miami Gala Awards 1997 which was the first award event other than The Oscars. Michael The Black Man Also attends the most popular sports such as the Superbowl,NBA All STARS,NBA CHAMPION SHIP AND AWARD. The Mtv awards The Oscars Grammys American Music awards, Train awards ,Emmy's The most popular events in America along with all of their after partiers thrown by various stars such as (Lil Wayne,Perez Hilton,etc...)