Hillary and Isis Plot to kill all Black Woman Click Here to view video.

The Great red Dragon Magog & Gog = Cannan & IShmael (Hillary & ISIS) want to kill all Godly Women Black, Latin & White so they must be protected by good Black & White brothers who are the two wings of an Eagle (America)! Revelations 12:1-12 Slovinians The Killers of us are the White Canaanites (Slavs) & the Red ones are Asians who are Ishmaelites (Indian/Arabs)! See:


Good news for the white Gentile Eze.18: 17–23 & Rom.9:19-25 says that 
the Gentiles are forgiven because they were not the ones that
perpetrated this Cannibal Slavery, it was the Canaanites & the
Ishmaelites, White Gentiles inherited that Lie, Isa.16:19! see proof
below:Watch this video on Vimeo:

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Good news for the Tianno (Latinos= Puetoricans, Cubans etc.) & for The
Mayans (Mexicans & all South Americans) though Deceived into
believing that Phoenians (East Indians) who came to the Americas as
Aztecs & Cannibalized us Mayans. Today they’re called Azteca Mesa (MS-
13). Mayan & Tiannos though these East Indians look like u. U are not
the Cannibals it’s them. & they cause u to Defend them thinking ur
Defending urself while MS 13 kills ur people & Blacks. U Mayans &
Tiannos are not Guilty & are Saved, Rev.7:9-13! see proof below:


BLACKS FOR TRUMP says Hillary & ISIS which is Ishmael & Cannan 
Repent now because all nations can Repent & be Saved even from the
Guilt of Cannibalizim, Rev.7:9-13. God YAHWEH is going to Destroy the
Nobles of them & Wicked ones in high places & all Unrepenting
Canaanites & Ishmaelites, Psalms 83:1-10 & Ephes.4:12. Watch video
from the beginning below for proof they trying to kill all Black American Women & White Gentile Women! The Reason Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Asians & Cherokees (The sons of Ishmael who are mostly Democrats) want Black Women Dead is because they are the Daughters of Sarah Abraham’s Black Wife who kicked Ishmael the father of all East Indians & Arabs etc. & Hagar their Mother out into the Desert where they almost Died, so Ishmael today (ISIS & other Terrorist) have Plotted Death to Sarah the Black Woman of America every since & have been Cannibalizing Her secretly to kill them all, Gen.21:9-20! & now they must Destroy President Trump & Kill us all quick by getting guns out our hands to make us Defenseless, before I let Trump know they’re Eating Black & White Women all around the World & upset Trump & the Gentiles to Unite with Black People to Destroy them all, 2Thess.2:1-11. This will be worst than the Holocaust Trials. That’s why they want Hillary in as President to start the Nuclear War so they can hide in their Bomb Bunkers while we die & they’re safe. & never have to face Prosecution for their Cannibal Evil ways. He that leads into Captivity shall go into Captivity, Rev.13:10, Eze.34:8-31, Gen.21:9-12 & Rev.12:10! See: Gods2.com