But you ask why do they Eat Human Flesh ?

Why Eat Human Organs & Drink Human Blood? Answer: Because Canaan Ham's son Raped Noah Cannon's Grand Father & was Cursed White as Snow

Lev.13:Ch., Num.12:1-8 & 1Kings 5:27. & could no longer get long life giving
Vitamin D from the Direct Sunlight needed to live. Because Sun light blisters
their White Skin. So they decided through King Nimrod son of Canaan to Eat
our Flesh, Organs & Blood to get Vitamin D. Remember Nimrod was the first
Mason & Hunter of Men (The FBI's higher ups, Ephess.6:12 or Valkyrie/
Washintonians/Men in Black, Google this. They're the Secret Society that was
exposed by the GOP on TV. Who's job is to keep hidden the proof & motive
that the Mason Democrats are Blood thirsty Demons, Criminals & Treasonous
mis leading liars like Comey, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, Sen. Shift & Clinton.
because Cannon on his Death Bed said to his People White Cannanites,
"Always Lie to Shem & Japheth the other 2 sons of Noah=the Black Man & the
White Man so that you can always eat them & live longer" 2Thess.2:11&
Ephess.4:12-14.) They Blood Sacrificed & Ate us in Sodom & Gomorah & we
found out & they ran to Egypt, Got found out & then ran to Palestine, got
found out & then ran to Babylon, Then Persia, Greece, Italy, France & all
Europe & got found out & were Witch Hunted as Cannibals & then they ran to
Scotland as the Slavs & Asians Wherein they became called the Scotish
Right Masons but had to run again, this time they ran into the Americas & call
themselves Incas (the White Canaanites known as Slavs but totally different
from the White Gentiles) & Aztecs the Red Skinned Ishmaelites known as
Asians). And when the Conquistadors found out that they were eating the MayansThe Incas & Aztecs ran to America & called themselves the Cherokee

now there are no more places to run if I show you that they are Cannibalizing 
us while were 7 Billion strong we would totally destroy them, Deut.7:Ch. So
now its us or them. There are no more places on Earth to run or hide, so the
FBI (the higher ups) & the Secret Society along with the media is desperately
trying to get Hillary back in office to finish the Destruction of us before Pres.
Trump The King of The Gentiles finds this out that they are Cannibalizing us
& then prosecutes them. This why they are investigating & trying to get rid
of President Trump & all of the righteous Humans because they are the
Washingtonians. In the Vampire Movie Twilight They are Valkarie protectors
of their biggest secret of Cannibalizing & Blood Sacrificing, Ye Shall know the
truth & the truth shall make you free John 8:32. The sons of Perdition The
FBI, Cherokee Senators Canaanites & Ishmaelites must Be revealed & Voted
out of The way. 2Thess. 2:1-7 The media is sending a strong delusion to make
us believe a lie. 2Thess.2:11 the brethren Black & White Must unite or where
all dead ,2Thess.2:1-7 &2Peter 3:6-18. Warning all Canaanites, Ishmaelites,
Edomites & Homosexuals because everybody can be Saved.Rev.18:Ch. Rev.7:
9-13. Here are the Scriptures that prove that they're killing, Eating, Cannibalizing & blood sacrificing us. Micah 3:2-3, psalms 106:32-38, Jeremiah 19:9, Zach.11:7-9, John 6:53.

Proof & Motive that Masons & FBI higher ups are Blood Sacrificing: Eating White Gentles & Blacks like Sheep to Slaughter Eaten & Cannibalized Ezekiel 34:8-11 + 31. This is Their Biggest secret. But why is Rabbi Finkelstein (Mcdonalds Meat Supplier) saying, "Yes we kidnapp three hundred thousand Gentile kids a year, Drain their Blood, grind up their Human Bodies & sell their Flesh to McDonalds as Burgers. But why is he saying this on an interview video fearlessly? Answer: Because they were sure that Hillary their Globalist Leader would WIN the Election & start the Nuclear War to kill off almost all flesh, but about 100 million, while Clinton & 600 million of Her kronie's go into their underground bunkers until the War ended, Matt.22:24. Then come back up to control the out numbered One hundred million humans left as their food without fear of ever being prosecuted for their killing (blood sacrificing) our kids & our people! Now THEY ARE SCARED BECAUSE TRUMP THE GENTILE WON & THE FBI/VALKYRIE MUST DESTROY PRESIDENT TRUMP BEFORE HE DISCOVERS THEM! THIS IS THEIR JUDGMENT DAY! Rev.11:8-14. LAST ENEMY KILLED IS DEATH (DEMOCRATS & FBI KILLING US), 1Cor.15:26! 
Video, pictures and video proof of how they're eating us!